Brackets Sprint 35 is available

Brackets, our favorite open source text editor for the web, was updated recently. If you want to get the latest features just make sure you open Brackets. If you have the Sprint 34 version you will be invited to download Sprint 35.

Here is the news:

  • Startup time was greatly improved, up to 50%. I know some of you complained about this, telling me that this or that editor is loading faster. Measure that again using this sprint and let me know :) For me it is fast enough. I actually have to wear my trusty aviator goggles so my eyes don’t water :D
  • On Mac, Chrome is not relaunched when starting the Live Preview feature (this was already implemented on Windows).
  • The UI for Find and Replace has been refined/improved.


A concise interview about the history of SVG

Somehow I missed this interview when it was published awhile ago. This is strange as I do work for Adobe and try not to miss Vincent Hardy’s posts :D. So what am I talking about? Vincent interviewed Jon Ferraiolo about the history of SVG.

Today many people have lots to say about SVG. What makes Jon special is that he was right in the middle of the things when the SVG standard was created. Actually, many think that Jon is the spiritual father of SVG.

It is interesting to note that although the SVG 1.0 standard was published on 2001, it took the browser manufacturers a while to actually implement/support SVG – props to Opera and Mozilla who were the first to implement SVG.

So, if you are curious about SVG history or if you want to understand why some features look the way they look and how the different parties involved in the standard creation negotiated the different bits and pieces make sure you read this.

How Creative Cloud makes your life easier

As a Creative Cloud Evangelist I’ve been talking a lot about Creative Cloud benefits over the past 18 months. And one recurring question I get is “Why would I switch to Creative Cloud?”. Now there are lots of reasons for switching. However, I will illustrate only two reasons in this post. Both come from my own experience.

Typekit syncing fonts to your desktop

This morning I got an email from my boss with a presentation attached. He was requesting my feedback. Now, I don’t know about you but when I get such a request I always switch to “damn smart crazy smart mode” and do my best.

There was only one problem: the presentation used a number of fonts that weren’t installed on my machine. Hence the layout was horrible with basically chunks of text overlapping – this was killing my creativity/out of the box thinking quickly.

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Brackets Sprint 33 is out

On November 1st the Brackets team released a new update that brings a number of cool features.

Short detour: It is hard to imagine that the project was only launched just last year. At least for me :). I’ve been using Brackets/Edge Code as my primary HTML/CSS/JS code editor for a while and I’d be hard pressed to find something bad to say about it. Yeah it is that “stable” and feature “rich”.

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BlendMeIn – easiest way to add icons to your Photoshop comps

Are you a Photoshop user? Do you find yourself using icons in your designs from time to time? If the answer is yes then continue reading this post :) Not sure? Suffice to say that Smashing Magazine wrote about this extension last week.

BlendMeIn is a Photoshop extension that allows you quickly search for an icon and then add the selected icon (as a Smart Object) to your composition without leaving Photoshop. There are thousands of icons to pick from and the team is working hard to add more.

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Join us for the Create Now Tour in North America

As many of you might not be aware of, we launched a new series of live and free events for those of you living in North America. It is all about learning what Creative Cloud can do for you, learning new skills, and get inspired.

My fellow evangelist, Paul Trani, recorded a video for you and he pretty much managed to capture the enthusiasm you can get providing you attend one of this events :). You can check the locations and dates here.

Edge Reflow, Edge Code, CSS Regions, and iOS 7 Mobile Safari

What do Edge Reflow CC, Edge Code CC, CSS Regions, and Mobile Safari have in common? As of today the CSS Regions feature is supported by Edge Reflow and Edge Code joining Mobile Safari which added support for CSS Regions with its latest update from last week (iOS 7 release).

Note: If you don’t know what CSS Regions is all about, then imagine a simple and elegant syntax that allows you, among others, to tell the browser to flow content through a chain of containers. And the browser will figure out how much content fits in each container.

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New Brackets Update

The latest Brackets update is awesome! Just A.W.E.S.O.M.E! Why, you might ask? Well, in short the open source code editor for web, also known as Brackets, just got a new feature called Live HTML Development.

Basically, it allows you to see the HTML page you’re working on updated as you type in valid HTML code in Brackets. So just one more time in case you miss it: you type HTML code in Brackets and without any refresh (not even a Save action need it) the HTML page gets update in Chrome to let you see instantly what it looks like. This feature coupled with the existing Live CSS Development feature makes web developers/designers life so much more easier and funnier.

There are other new features like improved Search and support for CSS code intelligence for SASS (writing .SCSS files).

Get Brackets, talk back

If you already have Brackets installed then just open it and you should get a notification about the update and a link to download the latest. If not, then just go here and download the installer.

Try it and talk back. If you love what you see tell us. If you have ideas for improvements or other feedback let us know. You can also follow the Brackets team on Twitter.

CSS Regions in iOS 7 Safari

I am very excited about the latest iOS version (the 7th). Not only does it make me feel almost the same as the first time I ever used an iPhone (I’m only halfway kidding here :D) but it also manages to improve many things that were already quite good.

The browser is one of them. I have a number of websites that I visit almost on a daily basis and although they are “optimized” for mobile they are still quite heavy. On my iPhone 5, the new Safari mobile browser renders them much, much faster. I was actually blown away by the speed improvement. I am curious what they actually changed :).

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Introducing Theseus – an open source JavaScript debugger

This is really hot news! We’ve just announced Theseus, an open source JavaScript debugger that might change the way you debug web apps. This is a project developed in partnership by MIT and Adobe.

The main difference is that Theseus allows you to better understand how the code was executed in terms of number of calls for each function and how the calls were chained together, all of this while running the page in Chrome or Node JS. You can click on any call of a function to inspect the arguments and return value.

Theseus can be integrated with Brackets. You can install it from the extension manager.

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