Support and Expert Services for Creative Cloud for enterprise

One of the benefits of being an Creative Cloud for enterprise customer is the access to world-class support services. In this blogpost you’ll learn about the different options you have when your organization needs support with Creative Cloud for enterprise.

What is Adobe Enterprise Support Program?

There are two types of support problems you can get help with:

  • IT related issues ­ claiming a domain name, configuring and deploying the software, managing users and entitlements, and so forth;
  • Adobe Creative Cloud workflows issues ­ getting advice on how best to take advantage of Creative Cloud Tools and Services.

Regardless of what type of problem you have, the help is only a phone call or few clicks away. Here is a list of options you have.

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My little boy, an iPad, and Sketch

I always love observing people using a piece of software for the first time. Arguably, it teaches you more than any book you could read on “how to create the best product“. My last “experiment” involved my kid (5 year old), our iPad, and Adobe Sketch.


It was his first encounter with Sketch and I was really curious about the outcome. He used other drawing apps in the past but he didn’t really enjoy them – he would still prefer the good-old paper & pen.

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Getting started with Lightroom Mobile

We just released Adobe Lightroom Mobile for iPad (the iPhone version is coming). This is a nice addition to the Lightroom desktop app because it enables a number of workflows that were kind of hard to nail down before.

Setting up Lightroom mobile

Before we dig into the features let’s see how you set up the app. First, you should know that the Lightroom mobile app works in conjunction with Creative Cloud and Lightroom 5 (the desktop app).

Yes, the Lightroom mobile app is free but if you don’t have a Creative Cloud account and Lightroom 5 it won’t be useful.

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What will the next generation of CC Video apps bring?

Last week at NAB 2014 we revealed what you can expect from the next generation of Adobe Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, Prelude CC, Audition CC, SpeedGrade CC, Story CC Plus, Adobe Media Encoder CC and Adobe Anywhere.

Even for me many of the new features are quite exciting. While I am not a video pro I do use Premiere/After Effects/Audition/SpeedGrade to enhance the video tutorials I create/produce. And I am certain that many of the new features will make me more productive. For sure.

If you want to read and see the demos jump here (for videos) and here (for the complete list of new features).

Instead of simply listing some of the new features here, I’ll just say this: the next version is all about making you more productive when working with video and sound. And with video and sound you always work with a number of different apps (some for editing, some for video effects or color grading, other for sound editing and so forth). Thus in order to be productive it is not enough to have great software for each  step in the editing process, it is mandatory to have these individuals pieces “talking” to each other to smooth out the whole process.

And this is the essence of the most important updates: there will be better and tighter integration between Adobe Premiere Pro CC and friends.

I still remember the first time I edited a video tutorial in Premiere Pro CC. It was about 5 years ago. My current workflow couldn’t be more different. Both in terms of the end result and how easy I can achieve the vision I have in my head :).

Illustrator CC – Working with the Live Corners feature

Another great feature in Illustrator CC that comes with the update we released today is called Live Corners. This feature is all about controlling the shape of corners. It makes easier to change all corners, or just one, by altering the direction and amount of the curve.

The first thing you should know is how to access this tool: using the Direct Selection Tool (A) select the object/objects you want to edit. You should see inside of each corner a small double circle icon.

Live Corner Feature

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Illustrator CC – Working with new Pencil Tool and Path Segment Reshape

Illustrator CC remains one of the best tools for creating vector based graphics and with the SVG support across all modern browsers it becomes one of the de facto tools for creating complex SVG files for the web.

Regardless of what your illustration target is (the web or paper) chances are you are going to draw lots of curves and lines and (more importantly) to adjust them after the initial drawing.

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