Fx Gallery – Drupal Module

For now this is the page for downloading the Fx Gallery Drupal module and to get the source code. I’m waiting for Drupal’s approval for this module, and because I don’t know how long it can take this process, I chose to make available the module over here for now.



You can get the module from here (only for Drupal 6.x for now). Unzip the file and there is a readme.txt file for getting started. And you can test the module over here.

If you want to play with the source code, you can download the source from here. After you unzip the archive, just use the Import > General > Existing Project into Workspace. This will create three projects (you can read more about working with these projects here). This module uses Flex 3, we are working on porting the module to Flex 4.

The module is still in beta. If you find bugs, or you have feature requests, or want to become a contributor leave a comment or send me an email.


15 thoughts on “Fx Gallery – Drupal Module

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  2. Hello,

    I really enjoyed your webinar. Unfortunately, my fx Gallery module does not work – when I upload a pic nothing happens – it does not give me a message and no pics are uploaded to gallery directory. Is this a permissions problem? Any ideas? I did look into the flex code and I noticed that your file structure is different than mine (mine is not drupal/modules, just modules folder in the root directory). Is this affecting the module somewhere? Thank you for your help.



  3. @Jeff W

    hey Jeff any chance to enable error reporting for ALL and to see what’s happening when you upload an image?

    Second, does the gallery folder was created in drupal folder (inside gallery you should see a thumbnails folder and a php script)?

  4. Mihai,

    The gallery folder created in the drupal folder does have a thumbnails folder and a php script.

    When i upload a pic, it just goes to a blank white page and no thumbnails or photos are in the gallery folder.


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  6. Hi Mihai – here is the error:

    500 – Internal Server Error
    This is a temporary server error.
    Please try to reload the webpage later.

    If you are the webmaster of this site please log in to Cpanel and check the Error Logs. You will find the exact reason for this error there.

    Common reasons for this error are:

    * Incorrect file/directory permissions: Above 755. In order files to be processed by the webserver, their permissions have to be equal or below 755. You can update file permissions with a FTP client or through cPanel’s File Manager.
    * Incorrect Apache directives inside .htaccess file. Make sure you have not specified unsupported directives inside the local .htaccess file. Such include PHP settings and Apache module settings.

  7. @Jeff W

    Wow, this is a nice error :D

    I haven’t seen this error so far. Maybe you could try to set the permissions 755 on gallery/thumbnail.php

  8. Hi buddy,
    I am creating a social networking site…..
    And I need the following features:
    1. Individual Users can create unlimited number of photo albums and can upload photos over there.
    2. Only friends in the friendlist can access the user’s gallery albums and comment over there.
    3. When a user(suppose A) visits another user’s(B) profile, he(A) will be able to see a block, which will display that user’s(B) image galleries.
    (Simply to say facebook or orkut like image gallery)

    —-Right now we can do it with cck & views modules but its a bit complicated…..If u can implement such features in ur gallery module then it would have been much better. And also if u can integrate with profile module.
    You can contact me anytime for anything about drupal.

  9. @Aritra Kundu

    For now I don’t have the time to invest in adding features for this module. And probably the first think I’d do would be porting from Flex 3 to Flex 4.

    However if you guys implement new features I’d be glad to integrate them …

  10. Hi,
    can u give me one favored that i m not access this file in the flex 4. open and import is not working and if i m open direct mxml file then this is not show complete content and have lot of error, give me some way.


  11. This is seriously one great module.. sadly it looks like nothing has happened to it for a long time. An upgrade to D7 and it would own the Drupal world – the other photo modules are just hopeless.

    Mihai, if you ever come back here, please have another think about this, its such a shame to see something so great wither away

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