Flex/AIR and PHP apps

I want to maintain a list with RIA applications created using Flex and PHP (could be web apps or desktop apps). While this list is unlikely to be a complete list, I hope there will be enough applications to serve as a reference point or to inspire any PHP programmer.

If you developed such applications or you know one, please post a comment here and I will add it to my list. Thanks!

Disclaimer: it is possible that I mislabeled some applications as using PHP on the server. Basically, I used a Network Sniffer :D

AIR apps


http://shifd.com/welcome – AIR app, shift notes, addresses and links between computers and devices.


Activa Live Chat

http://www.activalive.com – Activa Live Chat is the world’s first full featured, enterprise level, on-demand SaaS (software-as-a-service) live chat platform. You can use it as a web based Flex application, or as a desktop AIR app.



http://www.danieldura.com/code/moderator it is an application that lets you moderate comments for your wordpress blog. It has a PHP plugin that needs to be installed to the server, and the AIR desktop client.


Flex apps


http://airgile.com is an online project management tool created with Flex 4.5, PHP, MySQL.




http://www.zfbot.com/ domain name research tool (uses AMFPHP)


Realtor application

http://www.oneworldmedia.com/mls/ Realtor application (uses AMFPHP)


Swapping/Bartering website

http://www.betterswaparound.com/ (uses AMFPHP) a swapping application that matches what you have with what you want.


Kitchen planner

http://www.kuechen-atlas.de/online-kuechenplaner/ a Flex app that lets you design your kitchen.


Appointment system

http://www.appointmentsystems.com/ a Flex app that uses AMFPHP for communicating with the PHP server.

Appointment system


http://www.kizoa.fr – photo sharing tool, with editing features, slideshow, and much more. There should be an English version soon.



http://worldtv.com – WorldTV offers millions of video clips online, and anyone can mix their tastes into a personal TV channel.


Portfolio Management Tool

http://dev.bpanalytics.appshosting.com/pet/pet_user.html – is an online tool that is free and is built to manage your investment like a professional money manager.


Stock Fetcher

http://www.stockfetcher.com/ui2/index.php – StockFetcher 2.0 is a brand-new take on the popular StockFetcher screening and charting interface.

Stock Fetcher

Flex shop

http://www.casio-watch.ch/ a Flex shop.

Flex shop


http://www.techspatch.com/demo/ – online Flex based scheduling software.


ikitikla e-commerce project

https://www.ikitikla.com – an e-commerce project.

ikitikla e-commerce

Adriatic sea properties

http://www.adriaticsea.info/ it is real estate web site.

Adriatic sea

26 thoughts on “Flex/AIR and PHP apps

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  2. Hi Mihai,

    A big thank you for the great presentation you did about Flex and AIR today at the phpGG Frontend Special. I really liked our talk and you inspired me to check out your blog. Som great stuff here and especially this flex applicatiuon list as they can inspire me with some ideas.

    Thx a million,

    Nick Belhomme

  3. Flex and PHP work very well together. I am just starting.
    The above apps are great, I have some too but no where that nice or complex.
    Thank You for having a spot to check out some great work.
    Thank you.

  4. @Sebastian

    This is so cool. I will add it to my list tomorrow. Any plan to create an AIR app?

  5. @Mihai

    Not yet, first we’d like to internationalize and localize the app. And first of all there’s still some bug fixing todo ;) We already created an Air application to administrate our webservice and Air looks pretty cool to us…

  6. Hi,
    We’ve built a flex application called Newton. Newton is recruiting software aka applicant tracking system. We sell the application commercially mainly to small and medium sized business.

    There is a web demo on the site if you want to take a look at the app.

  7. Hi Mihai,

    The Salsa Beat Machine is a Flex application that lets you explore the Salsa music by interacting with the musical instruments, turning them on/off, changing the musical pattern they play, changing the key of playing (in case of Piano/bass), varying the tempo and much more.

    One of the neat features added in the last few months is the ability to save the machines you created to the server. This is accomplished by using a PHP backend on the server side.

    I hope you can add it to your list:


    Have a great year!

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  10. Salut, Mihai! Ai idee insa, cum as putea folosi PHP, chiar si prin jQuery doar prin Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5?

    Hi, Mihai! Have you got any idea about how could I use PHP, and with jQuery, only with Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5?

  11. Hey Victor,

    I’m not sure I understand your question. Usually, you use jQuerry in pure HTML apps. How do you want to use them together?


  12. Hello, I was wondering if there is someone out there who can create a customizable keyboard for playbook (choose what keys you want it to show) if this goes on bb app world i would be will to pay for it. Or can someone explain how to make a keyboard?

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