Flex Frameworks

Some say that if a technology has a lot of frameworks, then it is a sign of maturity. You might argue with that, but still I think it is interesting to know what are the available frameworks in the Flex/Flash world.

This is work in progress, thus if you know other frameworks, please post a comment or send me an email.

MVC frameworks and Dependency Injection

  • Cairngorm (Adobe Open Source) – MVC framework
  • PureMVC (Open Source) – MVC framework
  • Mate (Open Source) – Mate is a tag-based, event-driven Flex framework
  • Swiz (Open Source) – Metadata-based Dependency Injection framework
  • Spring ActionScript (Open Source) – Dependency Injection framework part of SpringSource
  • Parsley (Open Source) – IOC Container (Configuration and Dependency Injection), MVC, and localization
  • Robotlegs – automated metadata based dependency injection micro-architecture (framework) with a light footprint and limited scope
  • HydraMVC – total rewrite of the PureMVC API exclusively for Flex
  • dpHibernate – lazy loading across BlazeDS and Hibernate
  • Flight Framework – MVC framework

Articles to get some idea about what these frameworks offer:

Testing frameworks and code coverage

  • FlexUnit (Adobe Open Source) – conceptually based on famous JUnit
  • FlexPMD (Adobe Technical Services) – tool for auditing AS3/Flex code against bad practices (anti-patterns, unused code, over-complex code, inefficient code). You can add rules and it can be used from Ant/Maven or Automator (Mac).
  • Funit (Open Source) – Metadata Driven Unit Testing for Flex
  • asUnit (Open Source) – Unit Testing Framework
  • fluint (Open Source) – Unit Testing with further richer asynchronous support and support for integration-level testing
  • FlexMonkey (Open Source) – UI testing, capture replay
  • Selenium (Open Source) – API for Selenium
  • FlashSelenium (Open Source) – Selenium RC Client driver extension
  • HP QuickTest Professional 9.5 (Commercial License)
  • mock-as3 (Open Source) – mock object library
  • FlexCover (Open Source) – code coverage
  • FunFX – functional testing framework
  • Mock4AS – a simple Mock Object Library for ActionScript3
  • ASMock – ActionScript 3 Mocking Framework
  • Mockito – mocking framework for Flex

Building and Continue Integration

  • Ant task (Adobe Open Source) – comes with Flex SDK
  • flexmojos (Open Source) – Set of maven plugins for Adobe AIR and Flex development
  • ServeBox (Open Source) – Flex maven plugin
  • Flex Maven Reports (Open Source) – Maven reports for Flex
  • Hudson (Open Source) – Continuous Integration engine
  • CruiseControl.NET (Open Source) – Continuous Integration engine
  • projectsprouts (Open Source) – cross-platform project generation and configuration tool for ActionScript 2, ActionScript 3, Adobe AIR and Flex projects

Flash 3D Engines

Server side libraries/frameworks for Flex


  • Zend AMF – remoting library, part of the Zend Framework
  • AMFPHP – remoting library
  • WebORB for PHP – remoting and data messaging (producer/consumer)
  • SabreAMF – remoting library


  • LiveCycle Data Services ES (Adobe, commercial license) – remoting, data messaging, data management, proxy, real time data pushing and synchronization, paging
  • BlazeDS (Adobe Open Source) – remoting, data messaging, proxy
  • Graniteds (Open Source) – remoting, EJB 3 services, data push
  • WebORB for Java – remoting, data management, real time data messaging, client synchronization and paging. Additionally, it supports streaming video, recording video and remote shared objects
  • Pimento (Open Source) – data management


  • LiveCycle Data Services ES (Adobe, commercial license) – remoting, data messaging, data management, proxy, data pushing and synchronization, paging
  • BlazeDS (Adobe Open Source) – remoting, data messaging, proxy


  • WebORB for .NET – data management, real-time messaging, remoting, MSMQ integration, client synchronization for data management, video streaming, remote shared objects
  • FluorineFX – remoting, data messaging, data management (partial)
  • Visual Studio plugins for Flex (you can use these plugins to develop Flex applications in the Microsoft Visual Studio; both are free):

Ruby on Rails:


  • PYAMF – remoting
  • DjangoAMF – remoting
  • AmFast – AMF0/AMF3 encoder/decoder for Python. Core encoder and decoder are written in C, so it’s around 18x faster than PyAmf


  • Red5 – Media Server


  • as3corelib – library that contains a number of classes and utilities for working with ActionScript 3 (include classes for MD5 and SHA 1 hashing, Image encoders, and JSON serialization as well as general String, Number and Date APIs)
  • as3xls – package to read and write Excel files (it supports reading text, numbers, formulas, and dates from Excel version 2.x-2003 and writing text, numbers, and dates)
  • Flex-Extensions – provides behaviors, templates, and great utility classes


  • RIAlity – an advanced arquitecture for Flex and JEE with tooling (Eclipse Plugins) that allows to be more productive and deliver better RIA products
  • Gaia Framework – open-source front-end Flash Framework for AS3 and AS2
  • Degrafa (Open Source) – declarative graphics framework for Flex
  • TLFX (MLP 1.1 license) –  built on top of Text Layout Framework, it is a library for rendering HTML/CSS in Flash applications
  • UML4AS – UML Editor for ActionScript and Flex. Support code generating, reverse engineering, round trips.
  • BabelFx – Localization IoC Framework for Flash/FLex

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  2. We ask ourselves, what is the combination that Mihai prefers.. For working in an Enterprise Project using PHP.. ;)

  3. @Gustavo

    I am working on an article to give my thoughts on the existent PHP libraries for remoting… not finished yet.

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  7. Wow! I agree, this is a good post. Now I am getting a headache about what to learn. Lord, help me!

    Oh yeah, I also use the casalib framework @http://www.casalib.org

  8. “Selenium (Open Source) – API for Selenium” yes, but what is Selenium? It’s API for it’s self?

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  10. Hi,

    Is there any content management system that you can recommend for the Flex development ?


  11. FreeSpin3D
    FreeSpin3D™ Extension for Adobe® Flash® and Flex® allows rich media designers and developers to easily create advanced interactive 3D content for Adobe Flash in minutes. FreeSpin3D is the only real-time 3D technology that utilizes the Adobe Flash animation timeline and provides live visual feedback of the 3D model position and rotation on the Flash stage. By utilizing the Adobe Flash designer toolset and providing built-in interactive 3D behaviors that can be applied with a single mouse click, FreeSpin3D is simple enough for beginning designers, while the FreeSpin3D advanced API allows Flash and Flex ActionScript developers to push the limits of 3D delivery over the web.

  12. Yogurt 3d
    Yogurt3D Game Engine (Y3D) is a 3D Flash engine that works inside your browser via Adobe Flash Player and doesn’t require users to download plug-ins. Yogurt3D’s core part, SwiftGL, is based on an OpenGL compatible framework and will be free software. This means developers who already program in OpenGL or are familiar with APIs can easily develop 3D Flash games and applications. Y3D supports major 3D modeling and animation platforms and enables user-generated content such as avatars, interiors, objects and animations.

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  14. Good post. Observed a typo, flight framework is listed as fight framework. Hope you won’t fight me ;)


  15. UML4AS – UML for ActionScript and Flex is a modeling tool tailored for AS & Flex. It supports AS code sync and has a “developer friendly” approach regarding its usage and integration in the IDEs. http://www.uml4as.com


  16. Hello Mihai, sorry for this late comment but I’ve realized that you have collected a great set of flex, flash and actionscript libraries and tools and I want to share with you our own MVC framework. Hope you consider it good enough to include it in your list (copy&paste from our google code site):

    “CycleFramework is a view management and development oriented framework for applications implemented with actionscript3 and flex technologies. It is developed and mantained by Cycle-IT.

    CycleFramework is specially useful for management-like applications, where the different view states follow a root-branch-leaf pattern clearly: the application will have a well defined navigation tree.”

    Url: http://code.google.com/p/cycleframework/
    Mirror: http://cycleframework.riaforge.org/

    License: Open source (MIT)

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  19. Would you mind listing:


    (BabelFx – Localization IoC Framework for Flash/FLex)[http://www.babelfx.org]


    (Flex-Extensions)[https://github.com/CodeCatalyst/flex-extensions] – provides behaviors, templates, and great utility classes

    Thank you,

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