About Unbundling Products


If you are not on the side that decides to unbundle your successful product (think of Facebook for example) the process can potentially makes you feel rather negative emotions.*

If your product is more like a modern bathroom then you should definitely think twice before deciding to go for unbundling. Stop and think about this: would you really want to have the toilet, sink, and shower in three different rooms?

Think about your experience each morning during the workdays as you, half awake, move from room to room to piss, wash your hands and teeth, take a shower, comb your hair or shave or put the make-up (or doing all of these) to get ready for work. I am not sure how much would you put with it having an alternative.

While moving from your home to another one is a slow process and costly, dropping an application and moving to the competition is not that slow nor costly for most users. You could lose some business and karma.**

* Facebook move to pull the Chat feature outside the native app or Foursquare moving outside the checkin feature have alienated some users. Unfortunately, I don’t have any stats to prove my point so feel free to disagree with me. Don’t forget about the bathroom though.
** Unless you are Facebook and users can only go to Google+. Which they wouldn’t. So you can do whatever you want to do to them. And yet they will keep smiling from thousands of selfies.

Picture from https://www.flickr.com/photos/kerryanndame/6036403010/in/album-72157629262974651/.