Three things I learned at Cannes Lions 2014

Cannes Young Lions Print Competition briefeing

This year I had the pleasure to brief and help the competitors from the Young Lions competition (Adobe was one of the event sponsors). These competitions are just one small part of this 7-day festival, the biggest in the world.

You can imagine that you have lots of things to learn and absorb and even more when it is your first visit to Lions festival.

Much to my surprise, what I loved the most were related to the work of the Cyber competition winners, the Print competition theme, and the team who supported the 5 competitions related to creative work. Let me explain why. Continue reading

Join us for the Create Now Tour in North America

As many of you might not be aware of, we launched a new series of live and free events for those of you living in North America. It is all about learning what Creative Cloud can do for you, learning new skills, and get inspired.

My fellow evangelist, Paul Trani, recorded a video for you and he pretty much managed to capture the enthusiasm you can get providing you attend one of this events :). You can check the locations and dates here.

Create Now North America Tour

We’ve just announced the next big tour we are going to do in the last part of this year. It is now North America time. If you want to find more about Creative Cloud, what is new in the tools and services, get inspired and spend half a day with your peers, other experts and Adobe evangelists then you should check the list and see if there is one close to you.

The tour starts on September 19th with an event in San Francisco and it will be followed up by 12 more events across US and Canada. Here is the list and you can already register for some of the events. Do it today as the the number of seats is limited ;) The events are free, obviously!

Have fun and see you!

My 7th Adobe MAX

I’ve just registered and grabbed my 2013 Adobe MAX badge. As I was staying in line waiting for my turn, I realised that this is actually my 7th Adobe MAX conference.


For me it all started in 2007 when I went to Adobe MAX Europe in Barcelona. Back then I was an engineer working on Flash Builder. Adobe gave me a ticket but I paid for the flight and hotel. And you know what? It was totally worth it :)

Seven years later I still have the same excitement. Although I know most of the things that will be announced, the show (like the keynotes and sneak peaks) always surprises me.

And lastly, the thing that makes this conference so special for me is the people I came to know, from literally all over the world. With some of them I’ve become friends. Since my first MAX when I only knew five people it seems like a life time. These people add to the cozy feeling I have here at MAX.

Have a great MAX if you are around. Hope to see many of my friends in the next three days!

Test the Web Forward – Samurai Edition

The Test the Web Forward conference has been growing steadly during the last year or so. It all started in San Francisco and from there it moved to the East, hitting Europe and Australia. Now it is Japan’s turn.


On June 7th and 8th, in Tokyo, at Google’s office you’ll have a chance to be part of this event. There will be experts from Adobe, Google, Microsoft, KDDI, and W3C delivering technical sessions and helping people to get the work done.

For more details about the event check this link and register now as there are only 100 seats.

Test the Web Forward event is coming to Seattle

After we had a number of successful events in San Francisco, Sydney, and Berlin it is time for Seattle to join the party :). When? On April 12-13. You can register and find more info here.


I bet that on April 12th and 13th it will raining a lot in Seattle. So why not join the nice people from Microsoft (the host of the event), W3C, Google, Mozilla, Opera, and Adobe for a cup of coffee (not sure if there will be Starbucks though) and some good old testing?

Really, why not?

Announcing the Create Now World Tour


We just opened up the registration for a series of events called Create Now all over the world. (Well, OK I might be exaggerating a bit here). Here are the stops and dates:

  1. Feb 12 – Torino
  2. Feb 12 – Washington, DC
  3. Feb 13 – Milan
  4. Feb 14 – Padova
  5. Feb 14 – Tokyo
  6. Feb 19 – Bologna
  7. Feb 21 – Roma
  8. Feb 25 – Washington, DC
  9. Feb 25 – LA
  10. Feb 27 – Atlanta
  11. Feb 27- New York
  12. Feb 28 – Haworth
  13. Mar 1 – Warsaw
  14. Mar 4 – Baltimore
  15. Mar 4 – Barcelona
  16. Mar 4 – Oslo
  17. Mar 5 – London
  18. Mar 6 – Stockholm
  19. Mar 6 – Milwaukee
  20. Mar 7 – Chicago
  21. Mar 8 – Helsinki
  22. Mar 9 – Seattle
  23. Mar 10 – Austin
  24. Mar 11- Boston
  25. Mar 11 – Las Vegas
  26. Mar 12 – Gettysburg
  27. Mar 13 – LA
  28. Mar 15 – Toledo
  29. Mar 16 – San Diego
  30. Mar 18 – Cleveland
  31. Mar 19 – Livonia
  32. Mar 20 – Portland
  33. Mar 21 – New Orleans
  34. Mar 22 – San Diego
  35. Mar 23 – San Jose
  36. Mar 29 – Cincinnati
  37. Apr 2 – Miami
  38. Apr 12 – Norfolfk

These events are for creative professionals or students who want to learn more about Adobe Creative Cloud and the latest and greatest in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, After Effects, and Premiere.

You can register here.

W3Conf February 21-22

On February 21-22 the second annual Web3Conf will be held in San Francisco at the Regency Center. If you do “web” and you live just around the corner then you really don’t have any excuse for not getting to the conference.


We even have a gift for you, if you register now and use the promo code ‘adobe’ you get $100 off the early bird price of $300. You can register here.

Here are some people who are going to present: Joshua Davis, Eric Meyer (CSS Rest), Lea Verou (Dabblet, Prefixfree), Ariya Hridayat (PhantomJS, Esprima), Nicolas Gallagher (normalize.css and mantainer of HTML5 Boilerplate), Leonie Watson, Alexis Deveria (, and Kit Cambridge (BestieJS and FuseJS).

For more info about the conference click here.

Test The Web Forward – Sydney edition!

After three successful events in 2012 on three different continents, Test the web forward conference is moving to unconquered territories, Down Under in summery Australia, which I reckon is very good.

If you are a poor soul living in the Northern hemisphere in a place that is under snow right now, then here is the perfect excuse to get away. If you are an Australian resident probably you need something to break the monotony.


Now, go and book your place here and get ready for February 8th-9th. If you don’t know what Test the Web Forward is, here is a quote from the event website.

Over the course of the event, not only will you learn to understand how to read specifications and understand the state of support among different browsers, but you will also create robust tests along with the editors of various standards to ensure browsers implement these features consistently. At the end of it, you will gain a deeper understanding of browser internals & how you can write clear, robust tests.

We will have a number of SVG experts at this event, so we encourage development of SVG tests at this hackathon.

We do expect you to be capable of hand-coding in SVG, CSS, & JavaScript, but there will be experts from Adobe, Google, Mozilla, Opera, the W3C, as well as independent developers to guide you step-by-step to create tests that can help move the web forward. Food, drinks & music will be provided.

Kudos to Alex Danilo from Google Australia for driving this event.