Let’s get started with a disclaimer: the views expressed on this site do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.

Contact Me

The easiest way to get in touch with me is via Twitter @mcorlan. If you prefer email, you can contact me at mihai [at] corlan [dot] org.

Current work

Create the Web/Amsterdam/2012 Foto: Ton Frederiks (Adobe Benelux)

I work as a product manager at Bitdefender building Android mobile apps. In a previous life I used to be a worldwide evangelist for Adobe. 7 years I travelled all over the world to present on the tools and services.

Some of these presentations where just talks about a specific technology or tool, others where 2 to 4 hour hands-ons I put together to train developers and customers. Did I mention that I am a professional trainer too?


Training for Adobe partners / Beijing / 2009

I am not only a speaker. Some times I organize events. In 2012 I was the organizer and curator of Adobe WebUp series – 12 conferences in one year.

Here is a video from Create the Web event in Portugal, Lisbon 2012:

Two more sessions from an Adobe User Group event in Amsterdam:  Adobe Shadow and Introduction to PhoneGap.

Why computers

I’ve first started programming when I was in school – my first program was written in Logos and it was drawing the Hydrogen atom on the screen. It was love at the first sight; I’ve just felt that programming computers was opening up a whole new world. Erase that, a whole new galaxy where anything was possible.

Shortly after, I guess I moved up a little bit  because I started writing programs that were solving equations and other mathematic problems using BASIC, a pen, and a piece of paper (during communism era it was hard to get your hands on a computer). One year later I managed to execute my programs on a HC-90 and it was a sad day because I learned firsthand what bugs are. Since those early days I’ve been working with all sort of web related technologies. I started to make money using computers while still being a student during the day and web designer during the night.

When I am not working or spending time with my beautiful wife and kids, I love to read/write and take photos of people and places. I also love playing tennis. It is some sort of long-term-project as I’ve never taken any lessons and yet play decent. BTW, Vamos Rafa!

Getting my presentations

You can find some slides of my sessions here and my projects on GitHub.

Getting in touch with me

I am based in Bucharest, Romania. If you visit Bucharest and want to meet, don’t be shy send me an email.

My Linkedin profile

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