Hiring Sr. Engineer

We are looking for a senior engineer to join our team here in Bucharest – Adobe. When you think of Adobe first thing that comes to mind is Photoshop. Then all the other tools we have for creatives. Unless you are a marketer in which  case you think of analytics, CMS, and other solutions Adobe has for marketers.

Here’s the interesting thing: my team literally sits in between these two worlds (Creative and Marketing) and Adobe’s customers. So what do we exactly do? We help the teams inside Adobe to expose their APIs/Services to the outside world. If you want to see one example in action take a look at Creative SDK.

It is safe to say that almost anyone can create a service. But when you want to run that service in production environments and outside your private network you face lots of challenges: security, authentication, data throttling, monetisation, analytics, cache management, distribution, up time, scalability, and so forth. And this is exactly what our team is doing for the other teams inside Adobe.

In terms of team structure, most of the engineering team is based in the Bucharest office (and product management and UX). I know that everyone say it these days, but trust me on this one, we have an amazing team and the work we do is super cool. Oh, almost forgot to tell you that we are open sourcing our work.

Sounds interesting? If you have a strong background in one or more OOP languages (Jave, C#, C++), experience with web services and modern web application architecture drop me a line. There are many more cool things we work on but I’m afraid you have to join us first and then we can tell you more :).

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