Pursuing Perfection

Pursuing perfection is one heck of an engine to push yourself and achieve more. Some say that it is a mistake because you set up yourself for failure. After all perfection is something that you can’t achieve.

Maybe this is true. I mean not the fact that is a set up for failure. It’s true in that you can only achieve moments of perfection. Any now and then you create the perfect interface, perfect strategy, perfect code, perfect presentation, and so forth. But it’s kind of impossible to maintain the bar and keep delivering only perfection afterwards.

There is also a dark side – when you play so much with the pieces you have in the search of the perfect set up and you end up choosing the wrong combination. If you weren’t looking for perfection you’d have gone with a better choice.

One quick example that comes to my mind is the Bucharest UX Conference 2015 – the first UX conference in Romania. The conference was a hit by any measure. But there was one thing that was clearly not up to the rest of the conference – the MC guy.

Knowing the people behind the conference I know they chose that guy because they wanted the best conference. But it backfired. I think they have at least one guy in their team who would have done a much better job.

But this is part of going after perfection. Sometimes works. Sometimes not.


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