One Year @Bitdefender


Today was my last day at Bitdefender. They say that when visiting faraway places you take something with you back home. But you also leave a piece of you there. I think that the same is true when leaving a company.

For  the past year Bitdefender has been my home, and in terms of product management my very first home. Looking back I think that I couldn’t have chosen wiser: new company, new people, and new products. This setup helped me not only to validate that product management is what I want to do for the foreseeable future but also helped me to grow. A lot.

If you are not working in one of the big hubs for the software industry, then chances are that most companies you can work for are either small companies or remote offices of big (mostly) US companies. This is why if you live in Romania Bitdefender is one cool prospect.

It’s probably the biggest Romanian software company and the business is going rather well. This means that you get to work actually in the headquarter and have a chance to interact with all the stakeholders and make the strategy instead of just implementing it. Factor in the cool projects that are being developed by the company such as Bitdefender BOX  and you have lots of sexy projects to work on.

The las bit that really nail it for me is the Android team I’ve been working with and my colleagues from the product management team. The engineering team is really knitted and cares about the product they are working on. This means that I really had to have my facts spot on for all the things I wanted to do. Tough but ultimately rewarding. As for the product team, a diverse and talented team. It helped me to see some things in a different light, to look at problems in a different way.

So why I’m leaving if it was such a blast? Well, short answer:  I’m greedy. I always want more, bigger challenges. I feel there’s still room to grow and I want to make it happen. When John and Adam sweet me in into accepting their offer there was no going back.

But this post is about Bitdefender and not about my next adventure. Thanks Bitdefender, Radu, and BDU! And thanks Billy, George, Mircea, Nicu, Laur, Andrei, Ionut, Costi, Moro, Andrei, and Vlad!


Android team’s gift. Thank you guys! I get the Mini, not sure what to make of the movie :)

90% of the Android team:



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