Keep Walking

I had the time of my life at Adobe, especially the time spent as an evangelist. I still remember the day I met Ben Forta for the firs time and he offered me the chance to join Adobe’s Platform Evangelism team.

Right there I knew that it was a big opportunity. But even so I couldn’t imagine the impact will have on me not only from a professional point of view but from a citizen of this planet too. As developers we think that we know our clients and users. Some might actually know. But for the most of us it is always more about the ride then the summit. And for software products you have to make happy your clients otherwise there will be no trip anymore.

As an evangelist I got into a position where I had to understand not only the technical bits but also customers, marketing, sales and business, social media, public speaking, and politics to name just the obvious. I got to meet and learn from colleagues and bosses, customers, and fellow speakers. I got to travel around the world and make new friends. Some lessons were about technology and doing your job, some were more about being a better person and understanding the world we are all sharing.

For all of this I am incredibly thankful.

Red Pill

But every great chapter has an end and all we can hope is that the next chapter will be as good or maybe even better. For the past year I’ve been thinking what’s next for me after the evangelism. Out of all the things I could have tried, the product management was looking the most challenging and rewarding at the same time. Working and spending time with some great product managers (Andrew, Jacob, Adam, Thibault, Ryan) helped me to shake off any second thoughts.

Once again I was fortunate enough to have a choice: PM with Adobe or with Bitdefender . Bitdefender just felt right, the team, the products, the challenges ahead. I knew some of the people over there and had great respect for them. So I took the red pill. One month later I can already say that I have the time of my life.

We think a lot about products, technologies, and companies. But at the end of the day it is always about you. What does it make you tick and makes you to keep pushing forward, keep walking? Do you want to take the blue pill or red pill?

PS. I will continue to blog here. It will be less on technology and more on product management.

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