Support and Expert Services for Creative Cloud for enterprise

One of the benefits of being an Creative Cloud for enterprise customer is the access to world-class support services. In this blogpost you’ll learn about the different options you have when your organization needs support with Creative Cloud for enterprise.

What is Adobe Enterprise Support Program?

There are two types of support problems you can get help with:

  • IT related issues ­ claiming a domain name, configuring and deploying the software, managing users and entitlements, and so forth;
  • Adobe Creative Cloud workflows issues ­ getting advice on how best to take advantage of Creative Cloud Tools and Services.

Regardless of what type of problem you have, the help is only a phone call or few clicks away. Here is a list of options you have.

24×7 Phone/Email Support

Sometimes even the best plan falls apart. Imagine you are about to deploy Creative Cloud applications to some of your users and you get stuck with some issue that is anything but ordinary.  And on top of that it is already Friday early evening. You were hoping to get everything done so your creative professionals could use the software when they come to work Monday morning.

This is where the 24×7 phone and email support comes to save the day and help you ­ 24 hours a day, 7 days a week you  can get in touch with Adobe specialists that can help you to find a solution. You have access to a priority support queue.  Whether your question is related to user settings, deployment, packaging apps, or technical troubleshooting of individual products you will get the answer and finish your job –  keeping your users happy.

Open Support Cases

You can open a support case for issues related to Adobe Enterprise Dashboard, packaging and deployment, product errors or unexpected behavior. By default we will get in touch with you within 4 hours.

We know that for some issues 4 hours feel like an eternity. This is why we will get in touch within 30 minutes for critical production issues (critical means that the problem results in extremely serious interruptions to a production system).

1:1 Expert Services Session

You’ve done a great job: you set up groups and assigned entitlements, added users, and deployed the apps. And suddenly some creative professional from the print department or maybe a video guy has a question related to some workflow or new feature available in Creative Cloud. This is when setting up a 1:1 30-minute session with Adobe Expert Services can make your customer happy and help you to solve the case.

We have experts to help you with questions on Deployment,  Web, Video, Digital Photography, Print/Design, or Digital Publishing. Thanks to the Adobe Connect web conferencing service our experts can guide you. You are not limited only to English ­ you can choose German, French, or Japanese.

Online Resources

There is a comprehensive list of articles, tutorials, and videos you have access to. Examples of topics: how to manage groups and users, how to manage identity, how to plan deployment, how to use the Adobe Creative Cloud Packager for deployment. We are monitoring your requests and we will expand this list.

Sometimes the best answer for your problem comes from another Adobe customer. The Community Forum (Adobe curated forum) is a great place to find answers from Adobe IT experts and the community.

Accessing the support program

Once you log in into the Adobe Enterprise Dashboard from the left hand sidebar choose Support. This section displays the various support options you have: open a case, view all your organization cases, schedule a 30 minute 1 : 1 expert services session, call or email Adobe support, documentation, and ask the community.

Support section displays all the support cases of your organization and it is the place where you can open a case.

Who qualifies

As long as your organization has an ETLA in place, you are entitled to access the support program. There is no limit to the number of incidents you can raise. There is a limit however on the number of the people from your organization who are authorized contacts ­ – not more than 10 nominated administrators. Talk with your Adobe Account Executive on this matter.


Adobe Enterprise Support and Expert Services is the one-stop destination to get help related to your Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise plan. Whether you need phone support, open a support case, or find documentation, the Adobe Enterprise Support Program is the answer.

If you need more information about the program, or getting access to the Enterprise Dashboard, make sure you ask your Adobe Account Executive.

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