Illustrator CC – Working with the Live Corners feature

Another great feature in Illustrator CC that comes with the update we released today is called Live Corners. This feature is all about controlling the shape of corners. It makes easier to change all corners, or just one, by altering the direction and amount of the curve.

The first thing you should know is how to access this tool: using the Direct Selection Tool (A) select the object/objects you want to edit. You should see inside of each corner a small double circle icon.

Live Corner Feature

If you don’t see these icons click on the View menu and then on Show Corner Widget.

If you drag any one of these icons (I highlighted them in the picture above) you are going to change all the corners with the same curve. Here is one example:

Adding rounded corners

If you want to change only one corner, deselect your object and with the Direct Selection tool still the current tool click directly on the corner you want to change. Only one Live Corners icon should appear, just for that corner. Next, you can drag that icon to affect only the selected corner.

Editing only one corner

Finally, you can also change the direction/type of the curve. One way to do this is to hold on the Alt key while clicking on one of the Live Corners icons. This will let you choose between rounded corners (the default option), inverted rounded corner, or chamfer. Here you can see the difference between inverted rounded corner and chamfer:

Inverted Rounded Corner and Chamfer

You can access the same functionality if you click on the Corners option from the control panel or double-click on one of the Live Corners icons.

Corner Options Window

Finally, you can edit the corners for multiple objects at the same time. In the next image I have four squares. I selected with the Direct Selection tool all four of them and then I changed the corner by dragging one of the Live Corners icons. When I released all the corners of the selected objects were changed the same way.

Editing multiple corners across multiple objects

Enjoy this new feature and let us know what else you would you like to see added to Illustrator CC.

8 thoughts on “Illustrator CC – Working with the Live Corners feature

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  2. Great to see you’ve finally added a great feature that was in FreeHand 10 years ago.

    What I’m still missing in Illustrator is a better gradient tool. There are still no contour gradients, cone gradients and rectangle gradients.

    Another thing I would like to see is the FreeHand Polygon/Star tool so I can dynamically change the number of points and the angles in a star.

    There’s also the Paste Inside function, and a lot more productive features I can’t think of now.

    Would be great to see all of those end up in the next version of Illustrator.

  3. Salutare,

    problema este ca la versiunea de AI CC pe care o am 17.0.0 64 bitnu am nici CORNERS in control panel acolo sus si nici Live Corners in shapurile cu corturile pe care le fac.ANY CLUE?

    Mersi de ajutor,

  4. It’s a very practical feature, freehand had it for so long, but i agree with Chris, it should give you the option of changing the corners individually.

  5. It does give you the possibility to alter just 1 corner. Just be shure to only select the corners you want to modify (with the Direct Selection tool…).

    What I miss is to change the corners numerically.

  6. Please can you advise if it is possible to place a photograph into illustrator and then apply rounded corners to it (when placing the image it has square corners).
    I already know how to achieve round cornered picture boxes but I’m struggling with this.

    in in design you can ‘place’ an image into a created rounded cornered box but this doesn’t seem to be he case with illustrator and seeing as all the photos are different sizes i do not want to apply the corners in photoshop first.

    Thanks in advance.

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