New Edge Reflow preview available

The Reflow team has been busy adding new features to the tool lately. Today they packed all these additions into a new preview available for download from the Adobe Creative Cloud. I also want to highlight the feedback we got from some of you -people who want to make Reflow as good as it gets. The Reflow forums weren’t a quiet place even during the holiday season :).

The biggest news is the addition of new HTML elements that you can add to your compositions: HTML form elements. There is a new Icon available in the toolbox and if you click and hold you can choose between inserting a button, text input, select input, checkbox, or radio button.

HTML Form Elements

Another big addition is the ability to use hover, focus, and active states in your compositions. When you want to set a different style/layout for one these states, all you have to do is to select the element and  at the top of the properties panel you’ll find a new group that allows you select the state you want.

Support for active, hover, focus states.

The third new feature is all about links. You can create a link out of any element from your composition and point the URL to one of the other pages you might have in your composition or an external URL. To set the URL just select the element you want to use and at the top right of the properties panel there is a button that opens up a window with the available options.

Adding URLs

We’ve made it easier for newbies to understand the tool’s capabilities. Now there is a demo project that you’ll see when you open the tool and you can use this project to play around and test the various features. Anytime you want to start all over again just go to Help > Open Welcome Project.

Builtin Sample Project

Some existing features were improved, including working with groups, moving around elements, and searching for an asset in the Asset panel.

As usual, I encourage you to try this preview and let us know what you think (you don’t have to be a paid member of Creative Cloud to access the preview).

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