A concise interview about the history of SVG

Somehow I missed this interview when it was published awhile ago. This is strange as I do work for Adobe and try not to miss Vincent Hardy’s posts :D. So what am I talking about? Vincent interviewed Jon Ferraiolo about the history of SVG.

Today many people have lots to say about SVG. What makes Jon special is that he was right in the middle of the things when the SVG standard was created. Actually, many think that Jon is the spiritual father of SVG.

It is interesting to note that although the SVG 1.0 standard was published on 2001, it took the browser manufacturers a while to actually implement/support SVG – props to Opera and Mozilla who were the first to implement SVG.

So, if you are curious about SVG history or if you want to understand why some features look the way they look and how the different parties involved in the standard creation negotiated the different bits and pieces make sure you read this.

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