How Creative Cloud makes your life easier

As a Creative Cloud Evangelist I’ve been talking a lot about Creative Cloud benefits over the past 18 months. And one recurring question I get is “Why would I switch to Creative Cloud?”. Now there are lots of reasons for switching. However, I will illustrate only two reasons in this post. Both come from my own experience.

Typekit syncing fonts to your desktop

This morning I got an email from my boss with a presentation attached. He was requesting my feedback. Now, I don’t know about you but when I get such a request I always switch to “damn smart crazy smart mode” and do my best.

There was only one problem: the presentation used a number of fonts that weren’t installed on my machine. Hence the layout was horrible with basically chunks of text overlapping – this was killing my creativity/out of the box thinking quickly.

Fortunately, I was pretty sure that Terry was using fonts that are part of Typekit, which is part of Creative Cloud. This seriously cool web font service offers for some fonts the ability to use them with desktop apps too (this feature is known as Typekit syncing fonts for desktop).

Typekit integration in Creative Cloud desktop app.

Typekit integration in Creative Cloud desktop app.

So, in a matter of seconds I searched for the font names missing on Typekit, found the fonts, and added them to my desktop. Next, I reopened the preso and everything was looking nice.

Adding fonts to desktop

Adding fonts to the desktop

Moving to a new computer

Recently, I moved to a new computer. It was the first time I used a number of “cloud” services to make the transition as painless as it can get. As a result I didn’t have to copy files using an external disk or anything. And you know what, it was really cool :) !

Typically I care about three things when moving to a different machine:

  • Moving my files and software preferences plus fonts
  • Moving my browser related data (bookmarks, passwords, etc)
  • Moving the WiFi passwords

Using the Creative Cloud syncing files feature I moved all my presentations and files (Photoshop, Illustrator files, web sites and apps, mobile apps). Basically, all I had to do was to enable File syncing on the old machine and then drag the files to my Creative Cloud folder. With the Creative Cloud Complete plan you get 20 GB for your files. This is plenty enough for me.

Syncing files to Creative Cloud.

Syncing files to Creative Cloud.

The second cool feature of Creative Cloud is the ability to sync your Creative Cloud application settings to the Cloud and then apply them to a new computer. Basically, I enabled this feature on my old machine and then I installed the Creative applications on the new machine and sync’d the preferences.

Displaying Sync Settings Option in Photoshop

Displaying Sync Settings Option in Photoshop

This action retrieved all the settings I had set in Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver (all the site definitions). It was as if I never changed my computer except I did change and the new machine is much faster :D

Setting the Sync preferences in Photoshop.

Setting the Sync preferences in Photoshop.

My default browser is Google Chrome and enabling sync settings in Chrome took care of all the bookmarks and passwords I had on my old machine.

Finally, thanks to Apple’s iCloud I have all the WiFi passwords and Safari browsing data saved in the cloud. So, once I logged on the new machine with my account those data were downloaded


If you have a good network connection you can get a new machine up and running in about one hour taking into consideration the time needed to install the software and retrieve the files/settings from the cloud. Not bad at all!

Also, note that with Creative Cloud membership you can easily “take” your work and apps with you anywhere. You can install the software on two different machines at the same time. Which means that if you have to work on somebody else’s machine you can enable Creative Cloud on that machine and download the apps, files, sync the preferences, do the work, save the work back to the cloud, and then grab a cup of coffee or a mug of beer.

There is another benefit of using these services: all the important data are continuously backed-up. So in the case of a hardware failure I don’t have to sweat over anything other than getting a working machine.

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  1. Last version of Adobe software I stick with is CS6. Unless companies are going to by a license for me to use while I work for them I am not longer buying Adobe software (“Creative” “Cloud” that is ) and looking into open source technologies from now on.

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