New Brackets Update

The latest Brackets update is awesome! Just A.W.E.S.O.M.E! Why, you might ask? Well, in short the open source code editor for web, also known as Brackets, just got a new feature called Live HTML Development.

Basically, it allows you to see the HTML page you’re working on updated as you type in valid HTML code in Brackets. So just one more time in case you miss it: you type HTML code in Brackets and without any refresh (not even a Save action need it) the HTML page gets update in Chrome to let you see instantly what it looks like. This feature coupled with the existing Live CSS Development feature makes web developers/designers life so much more easier and funnier.

There are other new features like improved Search and support for CSS code intelligence for SASS (writing .SCSS files).

Get Brackets, talk back

If you already have Brackets installed then just open it and you should get a notification about the update and a link to download the latest. If not, then just go here and download the installer.

Try it and talk back. If you love what you see tell us. If you have ideas for improvements or other feedback let us know. You can also follow the Brackets team on Twitter.

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