New update for Dreamweaver CC

I am happy to spread the news about the first update of Dreamweaver CC. There are lots of new and cool things for you (as a side note, the update is coming very shortly after the release of Dreamweaver CC; these much, much faster update cycles are part of the Creative Cloud value proposition). So let’s check this out :).

Modernized Live View

Dreamweaver has been offering this feature for a while. Basically it allows you to preview the page you are working on inside the tool as you’d see it in an external browser. This comes in handy especially when you have to tweak little things and you’d waste too much time moving between the browser and the tool. Dreamweaver uses the latest CEF (Chrome Embedded Framework) – this means that you’d get the same result/performance as with Chrome.


Live Highlight

This is a really cool feature that allows you to quickly tweak the CSS for an element. It helps you to visualize the relationship between the HTML elements (in Live View) and   applied CSS selectors. You select a CSS selector from the CSS panel and the HTML elements styled by that selector are highlighted in the Live View. Neat!


Creative Cloud Sync Settings

Now you can save your keyboard settings, site settings, and preferences to the cloud and if you move to another computer all you have to do is to sync the settings to have the same working environment in no time. This is really cool – once you get used to it there is no going back!


Improved CSS Designer

This feature was released earlier this summer. This feature allows you to quickly generate clean HTML code like applying CSS properties to the HTML elements (gradients, box shadows, and so forth). We listened to your feedback and it just got better with this update. There is a better color picker for example.



There are many other smaller improvements and bug fixes. As a former full-time PHP developer I am happy to see that PHP 5.4 gets support thanks to this update. The code editor has been improved too and now uses the beautiful open source font Adobe’s Source Code Pro.

If you are a member of Creative Cloud then all you have to do is to update. If you are not, than you can sign up here and try if for yourself (there is a trial period that comes with the free membership). Enjoy!

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