Check out the latest Kuler features

Kuler just got better this week. If you don’t know about Kuler then let me tell you that it is a very useful utility app for designers (web or graphic). Basically, it allows you to find the perfect theme color for your project. Each theme has only five colors.


It comes as a web app and an iOS app and it allows you to synch the themes you created with the color settings from Illustrator or Photoshop (both the web and the iOS app). Both apps allows you to create a new theme out of an image.

While it might seam a useless app, actually it is quite useful. Personally I’ve used it for a number of web projects and it was really helpful as it allowed me to keep the number of colors used in the design in control while making sure that each color works well with the others.

Some of the latest changes include enabling you to change the order of the colors in a theme, providing a more precise workflow to edit a theme, and creating themes based on an image.

Importing the Kuler themes into Illustrator and Photoshop

It is important to be signed in in the Kuler app. This way when you create a theme or you favorite one, it is persisted with your account.

Now, suppose you favorite a number of themes maybe using the web app – you can browse the existing themes by clicking on the Explore menu item. Next, if you go to Illustrator and click on Window -> Kuler it will open the Kuler panel. If you hit the Refresh icon in that panel you will get your themes (see the picture below).


For Photoshop the workflow is slightly different. You can download the theme you want. This will create an “.ase” file. Right-click on the file and choose to open with Photoshop. This action will add the theme colors at the end of your current Swatches.



You can read more about what’s new in Kuler here and if you want to read what others have to say or share your feedback check Kuler’s forum.

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