New updates for Edge Tools are out

For me It is hard to believe that this time last year Edge Tools & Services were not around. In less than one year the product teams moved forward at a ferocious pace and managed to build some of the most compelling and interesting tools for the modern web we’ve seen lately. OK, this is my opinion and I might be biased as I do work for Adobe :) But I’ve seen well known speakers – people who don’t work for Adobe – mentioning these products; so maybe I am onto something after all.


And if these tools are useful or show great potential (because some of them are production-ready others are still previews) it has to do with the fact that the teams release quite often new builds and then use the feedback to move them forward aligning with the customer needs.

Today we released new updates for three of the tools that are part of Edge Tools and Services:

  1. Edge Animate CC gets support for Internet Explorer 11 among other improvements and bug fixes. More here.
  2. Edge Reflow CC gets support for multiple pages (in the past you could author only a single page per project), Undo/Redo now really works, easy access to Copy/Paste visual styles from contextual menu on mouse right-click, duplicate styles, show element border, and many more… Jacob Suber, Reflow product manager explains all of these in a video.
  3. Edge Code CC moves closer to a “1.0” features set/quality. It has support for Kuler swatches – so you can use any of your favourite swatches in Code now. You can drag and drop files to open them or folders to open a new project. More info here.

If you want to give them a try check this link!

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