Edge Reflow CC Preview 3

One of my favorite Adobe tools for web, Adobe Edge Reflow CC, has a new public preview as part of the Creative Cloud update on June 17th.


Before seeing what’s new let’s recap what Edge Reflow CC is all about: it is a tool for designing web sites with support for RWD (responsive web design). What makes this tool unique is that whatever you design in this tool at the end of the day, it is just HTML and CSS. This is true because the tool itself is built using standard web technologies and a chromeless browser (CEF). So literally when using Edge Reflow CC, your canvas is the browser (OK a modern one).

New features in this preview

The third preview adds:

  • easier positioning elements around and creating layouts:
    • add/remove parent
    • evenly space elements vertically or horizontally
    • object snapping
    • shift-drag to move elements horizontally, vertically, or 45 degrees
  • copy/paste visual styles between elements
  • support for experimental features. First one is support for CSS Filters (supported by Safari and Chrome)
  • support for Typekit kits
  • document-wide text styles – control default styles and type size
  • Text background and border
  • copy/paste SVG from Illustrator CC into Reflow
  • cleaner CSS creation

Check out this video created by Joan Lafferty of the Reflow team for a quick tour.

What’s next

Some of the existing features will be refined, and bugs will be fixed. However, what I find to be really exciting is the addition of new workflows that tie multiple products together and ultimately make you more productive. One example of such a workflow is the ability to start your design work in Photoshop CC and then create an Edge Reflow project out of that automatically to add the responsive bits to your design.

While more work lies ahead of the team until “1.0” milestone is reached, it is time for you to step in and give us a hand. What do I mean? Well, if you think that this is a tool you could use then make sure you download it and give it a try.

And if you find something that bothers you, something that can be improved, or something that is just missing use the Edge Reflow forum or the little icon at the right-bottom edge of the tool to send us your comments. This is really your chance to influence the product and help us to make the best possible product for you.

You can also follow @Reflow and @JacobSurber (Edge Reflow’s product manager) on Twitter. I wish you happy, happy web designing :)

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