Edge Animate CC 2.0

Edge Animate CC 2.0 is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud update on June 17th. While the amount of new features is not as big as in the rest of the Edge Tools (quite normal considering that Edge Animate CC is the most mature tool) there are still some great additions. Here are some of the most important ones.

Motion Paths

First of all, now you can use motion paths to animate your content around the stage. So instead of being limited to linear paths now you can define curves and use these paths to move the content. There is also an option to auto-orient the object you animate with the path direction.


Swipe Gestures

Now you can use left and right swiping gestures for any element in your animation.

CDN Hosting

You can choose to serve the runtime files from our servers (we are using Akamai servers).


You can create and reuse templates. This way you can easily load a composition for common patterns.

Keep an eye on @EdgeAnimate and @sarahwhatsup (Sarah Hunt is the Edge Animate product manager) to stay up to date.

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