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Last year some German dudes (Anselm Hannemann, Andre Jay Meissner, and Christian Schaefer) had an idea to organize a bit more the “open device lab” movement.

I guess it is only normal to have this “thing” coming from the Germans. It totally makes sense, doesn’t it? We could make fun about this all day long but at the end of the day their work is important for those developers who have to test their work on real devices and can’t afford to buy all the different devices they need.

I think Jeremy Keith had this idea to set up “a lab” with a bunch of mobile devices in his company office and then let outside people come by and test their work on these devices – and all for free of course.

This is something that is really useful and when you are Jeremy Keith the word passes from mouth to mouth quite fast. You don’t have any problem to get unused devices from good Samaritans and to let developers know that they have this open lab in their area.

However, if you are not Jeremy probably you’d want to use OpenDeviceLab.com :) It can help you to:

  • Find Open Device Labs near you. They have 37 labs in 18 countries listed for a total of 530 mobile devices
  • Advertise your lab and get a chance to receive some sponsor’s love (AKA getting more devices for your device lab)
  • Do good deeds if you (or your company) want to be a good Samaritan and donate mobile devices

Two more things: strangely enough there is nothing in German on this site (Jay maybe you should do something about this or maybe ask Jeremy as he does speak German) and for a German initiative I’d have expected it to cover the whole world by now (guys you don’t  have a single, teeny-tiny warm lab in Antartica yet).

One thought on “Welcome to Open Device Lab

  1. We’re clearly working on world domination – that’s what this is all about! And it started in the UK! But pssst, don’t tell anybody… :oP=

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