Test The Web Forward – Sydney edition!

After three successful events in 2012 on three different continents, Test the web forward conference is moving to unconquered territories, Down Under in summery Australia, which I reckon is very good.

If you are a poor soul living in the Northern hemisphere in a place that is under snow right now, then here is the perfect excuse to get away. If you are an Australian resident probably you need something to break the monotony.


Now, go and book your place here and get ready for February 8th-9th. If you don’t know what Test the Web Forward is, here is a quote from the event website.

Over the course of the event, not only will you learn to understand how to read specifications and understand the state of support among different browsers, but you will also create robust tests along with the editors of various standards to ensure browsers implement these features consistently. At the end of it, you will gain a deeper understanding of browser internals & how you can write clear, robust tests.

We will have a number of SVG experts at this event, so we encourage development of SVG tests at this hackathon.

We do expect you to be capable of hand-coding in SVG, CSS, & JavaScript, but there will be experts from Adobe, Google, Mozilla, Opera, the W3C, as well as independent developers to guide you step-by-step to create tests that can help move the web forward. Food, drinks & music will be provided.

Kudos to Alex Danilo from Google Australia for driving this event.

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