Adobe Translation Center is live

My friends from the community translation team at Adobe have finally released their Adobe Translation Center for the rest of the world today. I am happy for them and I think it is something you will love too, especially if there are Adobe products that are not available in your language.

So why is Adobe Translation Center important to you? Or at least should be? :D

This service allows you to give us feedback for the language used in our products. Let’s say you are a user of Photoshop in French like Monsieur Michael Chaize. And for some reason you find some labels or menu entries that are not the most fortunate French translations. Using Adobe Translation Center you can give us this feedback and together we can fix this issue.

Or maybe you are borg and you would really want to be able to have Adobe Illustrator translated to your language. So what can you do? Simple, just use Adobe Translation Center to start translating the product together with other happy bogs fellows.

In the end this platform is not something like a forum but a front-end to generate localization files for Adobe products powered by the community. Here is the a blog post that talks about this with more details.

Happy translation!

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