Adobe WebUp #7 and Hackathon are opened for registration

Hello, hello my dear frontend developers. I know the weather has been really hot lately in Bucharest. Given these extreme conditions what else could be more refreshing than a beer? A developer event and coding session, of course :)

So, on July 26th starting at 19:00 we will have the 7th edition of Adobe WebUp. Being summer/vacation time we will have only two sessions: one on JavaScript Apps Architecture and another one on Brackets, an open source HTML editor from Adobe. You can register here.

If you want to get the full “spa treatment” then you should attend the Brackets hackathon on July 28th. While the massage is not included you do have a chance to enjoy quality code, exquisite pizza, and tons of coffee and refreshing beverages. Register here.

See you on the 26th and 28th. Let’s chill together and do amazing things! I’m out…

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