Adobe Shadow Labs Release 3

Last week the Shadow team hit another milestone: Release number 3. You can go to Adobe Labs and get the latest version and visit the application stores (iTunes Store, Google Play, Android Market, and Chrome Web Store) for the Shadow app. It is important to remember that in order to get your app updated you have to update all the parts (the desktop app, the Chrome extension, and the iOS/Android apps).

If you are new to Shadow, then let me tell you what it is. Shadow helps you with testing your mobile websites or web pages on iOS and Android devices. How? On short it saves you time. Lot of time. You can enjoy synchronized browsing (the mobile devices display automatically the same URLs you have on your desktop browser), initiate a remote web inspector session with any one of the connected mobile devices, and work with localhost URLs to name just a few.

So what’s new in the latest release? Here is the list:

  • Screenshots – you can take screenshots of the current page for the connected devices
  • Cache management – you can be sure that the cache was cleared on the devices
  • SSL support – you can use unsigned SSL certificates during development

Here you can watch a video that walks you through these new features.

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