Announcing Test the Web Forward Hackathon

We have just announced the Test the Web Forward hackathon on June 15th-16th in San Francisco. What’s this all about? This event promotes writing tests for CSS and SVG features that will help promote consistent implementation across all browsers.

This is the 10,000 foot view. By being part of this event you will have a chance to discover new web features and learn how to write tests. And you will not be alone: there will be people from W3C, Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft to offer help/guidance.

The event is free and will be organized in the San Francisco Adobe office (601 Townsend Street) starting at 5:00PM on Friday (June 15th) and 9:30AM on Saturday (June 16th).

“Do I have to be a HTML/JS/CSS ninja to get in?” – you might ask. Well not at all. All you need to know is HTML/CSS/JavaScript and get familiarized with Mercurial. So hurry up and register here and read about the event here. Make sure you read the Requirements section (where you will find more about Mercurial).

Will you be there? I don’t know but I will for sure :D

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