Adobe WebUp #4 is on

Adobe WebUp #4 registration is open now! This means that you should not only register yourself and your girlfriend/friend/brothers&sisters but you should also tell others about this awesome event!

What? You don’t believe that it will be awesome? Trust me, I should know as I am the organizer:)

Now seriously, when I started to plan this series back in December 2011 one of the goals and success indicators that I set at the time was having people outside of Adobe speaking at our event. And this is exactly what is about to happen: two great programmers who don’t work for Adobe will be our first two speakers (thanks Cristian and Alexandru).

See you on April 26th. Until then all the best and Happy Easter!

Later Update: if you can’t attend the event and you still want to see what’s happening there (maybe you are from Republic of Moldova or Timisoara) you can watch the live streaming at (we will open the stream around 5:30PM)

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