Photoshop Touch for iPad and Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2012

The Mobile World Congress has started this morning and one of big announcements is Adobe’s release of Adobe Photoshop Touch app for iPad 2. This tool offers core Photoshop features plus some features uniquely tailored to the mobile medium like sharing. What’s more is that this is just the first step. Photoshop Touch is part of a family of six touch apps – the rest of the suite will come to iPad later this year. You can see the app here.

If you are at the MWC then make sure you drop by our booth in Hall 1. You can play with the app on our devices and you can see how it is already being used by professionals.

There were two other announcements this morning related to digital publishing and video. If you are a developer, maybe this type of announcement  is not your cup of tea, but nevertheless they are important because digital publishing and video publishing are growing.

Adobe’s solution for digital publishing (AKA creating beautiful digital magazines and newspapers for tablets) has served more than 16 million publications for the past 12 months. Using anonymous data collected across these publications we distilled them to:

  • 68% of readers are paying for the content
  • 48% of readers explore the interactive features (web views, audio and video clips, slide shows, and image sequences
  • 56% of readers spent 25 minutes to 2.5 hours reading digital titles each month. What is even more important is the trend: this time has increased more than 70% over the last six months.

Project Primetime was announced today too and it is all about delivering and monetizing video content. Nothing new so far, right? Well, here is where the interesting things come together: Primetime helps you use a single, end-to-end workflow, to create a TV-like experience for premium video and ad content and distribute this to all major Web connected devices: iOS devices, Android devices, and of course desktop computers. It supports live streaming, linear, and on demand streams and for all of them you can insert ads with complete control.

Again, if you are at MWC come to our booth and you can find out more. There are presentations on all these topics.

Finally, here is a picture of the main entrance this morning:

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  1. They are packaged using Adobe AIR and they are using Native Extensions for some of the functionality.

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