Getting Started with PhoneGap resources

If you want to learn how to use PhoneGap to build mobile applications with JavaScript and HTML, one good way is to watch this great series of nine videos. My fellow evangelist Kevin Hoyt spent some time in the studio for shooting and the result is great. It will take you less than a hour and a half to watch all the videos.

Here is the list:

1. Getting Started with PhoneGap

2. Developing for iOS

3. Developing for Android

4. Device API

5. Accelerometer API

6. Camera API

7. Compass API

8. Connection API

9. Contacts API

5 thoughts on “Getting Started with PhoneGap resources

  1. Nope my friend. I should thank you. Because you wanted PhoneGap resources I realized that many don’t spent much time on Adobe TV :D


  2. Are you saying I’m not spending enough time on Adobe TV :) ? Or other boys and girls don’t spend much time on Adobe TV? Or materials don’t last long on Adobe TV :)

    It would be nice to see some materials how to connect Phonegap / jQuery mobile to server data services and store data to local cache in order to prevent too much traffic ;)

    Enjoy your weekend ;)

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