The future of the Flex framework

As many of you probably know we made a few announcements last week that are quite interesting – let’s put it that way :). What made things even more interesting for Ryan and me is that we were right in the middle of the tour on mobile development (and we are still on tour for that matter). So we got your feedback first hand.

The good news is that last night the Flex team posted an update that adds more context and details about how Adobe plans to move Flex to Apache Software Foundation. And in short the essence of this update is that we still support Flex and Flash Builder; they won’t go away and we are not killing them. Here are some quotes from the post:

What specifically is Adobe proposing?

We are preparing two proposals for incubating Flex SDK and BlazeDS at the Apache Software Foundation.

In addition to contributing the core Flex SDK (including automation and advanced data visualization components), Adobe also plans to donate the following:

  • Complete, but yet-to-be-released, Spark components, including ViewStack, Accordion, DateField, DateChooser and an enhanced DataGrid.
  • BlazeDS, the server-based Java remoting and web messaging technology that enables developers to easily connect to back-end distributed data and push data in real-time to Flex applications.
  • Falcon, the next-generation MXML and ActionScript compiler that is currently under development (this will be contributed when complete in 2012)
  • Falcon JS, an experimental cross-compiler from MXML and ActionScript to HTML and JavaScript.
  • Flex testing tools, as used previously by Adobe, so as to ensure successful continued development of Flex with high quality

Adobe will also have a team of Flex SDK engineers contributing to those new Apache projects as their full-time responsibility. Adobe has in-development work already started, including additional Spark-based components.
Isn’t Adobe just abandoning Flex SDK and putting it out to Apache to die?

Absolutely not – we are incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved with Flex and know that it will continue to provide significant value for many years to come. We expect active and on-going contributions from the Apache community. To be clear, Adobe plans on steadily contributing to the projects and we are working with the Flex community to make them contributors as well.

You can read the whole post/update here. And drop a comment if you have something to share!

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  1. Can you say us what is: ■Falcon, the next-generation MXML and ActionScript compiler that is currently under development (this will be contributed when complete in 2012) ?


  2. Hi,

    It’s the new Flex compiler. It will offer improved performance over the existing one. I don’t think we announced a date for the release


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