Adobe Touch Apps are available now

We just launched the Adobe Touch Apps part of the Adobe Cloud. You will find the six apps in the Android Market with one of them being available for iOS too (iOS versions will follow). Just as a quick reminder the six apps are: Collage, Debut, Ideas, Kuler, Photoshop Touch, and Proto.

I think this is great because it was about time we had more apps for tablets that can be used to create digital content. So far developers and companies were extremely good at creating apps for consuming existing content on tablets. As I said many times it is a pity not to be able to create content on your tablet device. I think that with the Adobe Touch apps we are going in the right direction: you can start working on a prototype while you are commuting and all you have is your tablet. Once you get to your computer you can continue your work on the same file. And the synch process between your computer and tablets devices is transparent; it happens auto-magically.

You can read more about these apps here.

2 thoughts on “Adobe Touch Apps are available now

  1. Do you know, which of these Adobe Touch Apps are powered by AIR? There are no hints in the descriptions. Why? Doesnt Adobe want to push AIR by branding these Apps as AIR-Apps? I begin to think, even Adobe doesnt use AIR anymore.

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