Flex Mobile European Tour 2011

With almost all the bits and pieces falling nicely in place I can finally blog about the European tour we’ve been working on. Before talking about content, dates, and locations let me say loud and clear “Thank you!” to the people in our community who worked hard to make these events possible and to Magda Neagu and John Koch, my colleagues who gave us all the support we needed.

Why am I saying us instead of I? Because I have the pleasure of doing this tour together with my friend and fellow evangelist Ryan Stewart.

Here is the list:

  1. November 3rd – Vienna / Austria
  2. November 4rd – Rome / Italy
  3. November 7th – London / UK
  4. November 9th – Kiev / Ukraine
  5. November 10th – Berlin / Germany
  6. November 11th – Bucharest / Romania
  7. November 14th – Zurich / Swiss
  8. November 15th – Dublin / Ireland
  9. November 17th – Barcelona / Spain
    1. We will do a session at Barcelona DevCon
    2. We will have a meeting with the local Flex and Flash user group. I will update this post once I have the location and date
  10. November 19th – Zagreb / Croatia

If you want to attend one of these events make sure you register today because the number of seats is limited.

In terms of content, we will do a hands-on on mobile development with Flex, Adobe AIR, and Flash Builder. We will also have sessions about mobile development and some of the cool things we announced at MAX. And this will provide you with the perfect opportunity to throw questions at us. Actually let me re-phrase this: it will be the perfect opportunity to ask Mr. Ryan Stewart anything you want to know :).

Last but definitely not the least, if you have a cool project and you want to show it to us, please don’t be shy. Come to us after the event or during one of the breaks and we will listen to you. We always love seeing the great stuff you build and listening to your feedback. If you are reading my blog you know that from time to time I blog about cool apps and projects.

PS. If you plan to attend one of our hands-on sessions then you should have Flash Builder installed on your laptop. Also, if you have an Android phone you will be able to run all the examples on your device too (you will need a USB cable to connect the device to your laptop). Otherwise you can use the Flash Builder desktop simulator.

6 thoughts on “Flex Mobile European Tour 2011

  1. Whaaat, I tried to sign up for the London one and it seems to be already sold out ?!

    It’s a pity having such an event in a 40 persons room.

    Anyway, hopefully I will squeeze in somehow.

  2. @sander & @adehaas

    We weren’t invited to speak there, so I’m afraid we will not come to Amsterdam this year.

    Hey mate hope to see you there. Put pressure on the organizers:)

    Mihai Corlan

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