Native Extensions examples available now

Among of the biggest news of the Adobe AIR 3 release  is the Native Extensions feature. If you want to get started with this, or maybe just try it, you should check out the Native Extensions page on Adobe Developer Connection.

There are five examples so far:

  1. Gyroscope (iOS/Android)
  2. NetworkInfo (iOS) – retrieves information about the network interfaces on an iOS device
  3. Vibration (iOS/Android) – make the device vibrate
  4. iBattery (iOS) – gets the battery status (unknown, unplugged, charging, or full) of an iOS device
  5. .NET Image Encoder (Windows) – encodes a bitmap into BMP, JPEG, or PNG format using Microsoft .NET Framework 4

The first three extensions were created by Adobe engineers, the last two by community. As I said before I’m looking forward to seeing many more extensions created and having a central place to go for all of them.

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