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The Flash Platform as a compelling mobile solution across devices is enjoying an excellent momentum. I’m getting and seeing more and more Flash powered mobile apps. While this is interesting and cool this not what I want to focus on in this post.

Most people think about the Flash Platform for mobile as something that enables developers to build mobile apps for Android, iOS, and BlackBerry Tablet OS. What it is not so evident is it’s versatility: you can build almost whatever you want. And when I say this I mean it. You can build sophisticated games (and soon you will be able to build cool 3D games thanks to Stage3D), you can build beautiful apps for enterprise or consumer brands, you can build high performance apps for consumers, and the list can go on and on.

The last big thing that was a show stopper for some projects is about to be removed by the Native Extensions feature. This feature (it will be available in the soon-to-be-released next version of Adobe AIR) will enable developers to extend the runtime and achieve deeper integration with the device by accessing device/OS capabilities or other applications.

Let me give you just one example. Three applications that are quite different in what needs they solve while working and looking just great.

Cassandra Stand is a companion application for Android, iOS, and PlayBook devices. It picks  your location automatically and displays time/date, temperature, and news. While this app is a simple one it works and looks great. Congratulations to Leonardo Risuleo and the team.

Web Reader is probably one of the best PlayBook apps for those who use RSS readers. It is fast and intuitive and it works great with Google Reader. I’d love to see these guys writing an article about how they built their app. As with the previous two apps I installed the app on my tablet and played with it. My RSS list is pretty big and I was curious about how they will display all the categories and how easy would be to navigate between the various items. All I can say is that they did a good job :)

Hungry Cho-Cho is a funny little game for iOS. Tomer Reiss of KWAZI shown me this app during my visit to Israel earlier this year. It worked just great on my iPod Touch (at that time they were using AIR 2.5; I’m curious how it would feel with AIR 2.7 as this release brought more speed and performance especially for iOS devices). They released their application and he wrote a blog post about some of the things he learned while developing the game.

If you created some cool mobile apps using the Flash Platform, you know how you can get in touch with me. I’m out!

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