AIR 3 Beta and Flash Player 11 Beta are out!

We just released AIR 3 Beta 2 for desktop and Flash Player 11 Beta for desktop. You can download them from here and here.

Here is a list of the most important news in these releases.

AIR 3 Beta:

  • You can download the AIR 3 SDK and start building mobile and desktop apps. You can also download the AIR 3 runtimes for Windows and Mac OS
  • Stage Video Hardware Acceleration for mobile ( previously, this was available only for desktops). This will enable developers to leverage hardware acceleration for decoding and composing the video on the screen. This means reduced memory and CPU usage and smoother video playback.
  • Captive Runtime Support (AIR for desktop and Android). You will be able to package your application with a captive runtime. This enables you either to use a specific version of the runtime instead of what the user might have or to push the app together with the runtime so the user doesn’t have to go through the installation process of the runtime. Needless to say that this was one popular request :)
  • iOS Background Audio Playback Support. You can write multi-tasking apps that can play audio in background.
  • Android Licensing Service Support. You have access to the Android Market Licensing Service so you can enforce licensing policies for paid apps that are published through Android Market.
  • Android Front-facing Camera Support. This is another popular request. This was already available on iOS and PlayBook; now you can use it on Android too.
  • Encrypted Local Storage for Mobile. Another feature that developers wanted badly. Now you can store encrypted data the same way you would do on AIR desktop apps. Great for storing passwords and other sensitive data.
  • H.264/AVC Software Encoding for Cameras for Desktop. You can stream high-quality video from your computer’s camera with better compression and industry-standard support.

You can read more here.

Flash Player 11 desktop Beta:

  • Stage3D APIs (AKA Molehill). 3D GPU accelerated graphics.
  • Native 64-bit support. For 64-bit operating systems (Linux, Mac OS, and Windows).
  • G.711 audio compression for telephony. Real-time voice and telephony capabilities and support for integration with existing phone systems using a G.711 codec.
  • Socket Progress Events. This was another feature requested by many developers.
  • JPEG-XR support. Support for JPEG-XR compression format so you can use higher quality images with less bandwidth. Plus you can use alpha channel transparency.

You can read more here.

4 thoughts on “AIR 3 Beta and Flash Player 11 Beta are out!

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  2. Hi Mihai,

    Can you please help in installing AIR 3 SDK in Flex 4.5.1, I tried a lot, but all attempts were failed.

    Thanks in Advanced.


  3. Hi Mihai,

    I’m having a lot o problems with the folowing scenario: Captive Runtime + htmlloader + user with no privileges.We try to deliver the app to some schools but it seems it fails at some point for the scenario presented.


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