Adobe Mobile Challenge

My fellow evangelist, Michael Chaize, has way too much time. During the weekend he put together this nice site to announce a contest to the world. Oops, not to the world, but to those living in the European Union.

So, if you live in European Union and you publish an AIR application to Android Market, Apple App Store, and BlackBerry App World by September 1st 2011 then you can enter in this competition. What can you win? Well, it depends. If the grand jury (all European Adobe Evangelists) picks you as  one of the winners then you can get a trip to Adobe MAX 2011 Los Angeles or Adobe Creative Suite software. If your application is not a winner than you can still win experience and maybe some good feedback from the jury :)

Here is the man himself introducing the contest (don’t ask me why he is talking like this. All I know is that he lives in Paris :D):

Now, don’t be lazy and start working on your amazing app! You can read more about the contest here.

2 thoughts on “Adobe Mobile Challenge

  1. Next year we’ll launch the Adobe Accent Challenge. The goal will be to speak in English like Serge, without any accent, before the 1st of September :)

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