Slides from Bucharest Mobile Camp 2011

Some of you asked for the slides we used at the Bucharest Mobile Camp 2011. You can find my slides here and Arno Gourdol’s slides here.

I’m still waiting for Sanyu Kiruluta’s slides. When I get them I’ll update this post.

And here are Sanyu Kiruluta’s slides.


3 thoughts on “Slides from Bucharest Mobile Camp 2011

  1. Hi Mihai,

    I am Adobe Jaipur User Group Manager, i saw your presentation “Mobile Development With Flash Platform” and it looks awesome. However i have some missing information on native vs flash development. We are in touch with one of our client to create their app with Flash platform but they are more interested to build it using open source frameworks like PhoneGap. The major concern is over performance, support on platform specially iOS and native OS components. Do you have any link/reference/doc which talk about this or if you have some time to give me more details on this. We would really want to use Flash Platform this project.



  2. Hi Vishal,

    I think you should take a look at the Rossignol Experience app. If you don’t have an iPad device, you can watch this video:

    This app was created with Adobe AIR and Flex. I played with it and it has great performance and looks amazing.

    My point is that you can definitely build apps that performs as good as a native app and look amazing. You just need to be creative when it’s coming to create Flex components that look like native ones. Because out of the box only the text input uses the native text input.

    As you can see with the Rossignol Experience app I don’t think that it is less functional or “sexy” because it hasn’t used native iOS controls.

    Mihai Corlan

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