Adobe AIR 2.7 is out!

We’ve just released Adobe AIR 2.7 for desktop, Android, iOS, and PlayBook. In terms of features, here is a list of the most important.


  • Improved performance for AIR apps (including those built with Flex) running on iOS. You will see up to a 4X improvement for the same app when running on AIR 2.7.
  • Faster development time for iOS applications – there is a new mode for testing and debugging your AIR app on iOS devices that will enable faster cycles.
  • And this is one I’m sure you’ll love: you can install the AIR runtime on the SD card of your Android device.


  • Integrated support for Media Measurement – allows companies to see how content is distributed and viewed by users
  • Acoustic echo cancellation – this is the same feature already available in Flash Player 10.3. It means you can enable users to do VoIP using speakers and microphone (no need for headsets).
  • Navigation Improvements for HTML Content – developers can now respond to a new event to be notified when content within the HTMLLoader control attempts to change the location of a page. This enhancement provides developers with a better way to implement intra-application navigation.

Watch my fellow evangelist, Renaun Erickson, showing AIR app performance on an iPad:

You can download AIR 2.7 from here. This month, Flash Builder 4.5 will get an update to enable support for AIR 2.7 and PlayBook will receive an update OTA of AIR 2.7 by the end of June.

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  3. How do you measure claimed performance improvements? I took the exact same code and compiled it for iOS in cs5.5/2.6 and it because unusably slow, where as performance was very good in cs5.0/2.5. Are there different requirements for optimization in 2.7 or do you think it may improve issues I was having with 2.6? Thanks.

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