Bucharest Mobile Camp 2011

On June 20th we’ll host a Mobile Camp in the Bucharest Adobe office. If you want to learn about mobile development for Android, iOS, and PlayBook using Adobe tools and frameworks make sure you’ll be there.

For my session I was thinking of showing AIR applications and how you can build them. I’m also open to the idea of letting you show off your mobile apps created with Adobe AIR and Flex/ActionScript. So, if you have such an app just send me an email and we will see how we can fit this in my session.

Finally, we will have a special guest: Sanyu Kiriluta of RIM. She is EMEA Team Lead Developer Relations. If you haven’t seen a PlayBook and want to find more about it, then join her session.

We might have a special guest for the keynote. I will update the post as soon as I have more information.

In the mean time go to the registration page and see you on June 20th (if you don’t know how to get to our office, take a look here)!

13 thoughts on “Bucharest Mobile Camp 2011

  1. Hello, I have the same question as marius, can we have the slides from the presentation?

  2. Hello Michael, I am very excited about what can do flex and flash builder.
    My question is: When you install an application made ​​in Flash Builder it will be installed automatically Adobe Air ?.
    Otherwise, if the client is not having Adobe Air on his phone, he will have to download it on his own initiative, wich is not very good and you might lose the client.

    Thank you !

  3. @John

    If the user doesn’t have AIR installed on his phone/tablet and installs an AIR Application when he starts the AIR application he will be prompted to install Adobe AIR.

    This scenario is only for Android; PlayBook always has AIR, and iOS works differently in that the app is cross compiled together with the runtime.

  4. Nice job, I will try to develop an application for iphone but unfortunately as you know I need an apple developer certificate wich costs 100$.
    Is there any other way to test the application on iphone for free?

    From what I understand, on iphone, the app is compiled with the runtime, this meens it’s not necessary to have installed Air on iphone to run the app?

    Thank you, and sorry if these are dumb questions :)

  5. Thanks, that was very interesting.
    From what I read, on ios you can’t install Adobe Air.
    This meens you can convert your application done in Adobe AIR in a native application for iOS, so when you install the mobile app on ios you won’t be promted to install Adobe Air like on android.
    Is this true?

    Thank you.

  6. @Nick

    Indeed, for iOS, your app and the AIR runtime is cross compiled together to native bytecode.

  7. I am trying to develop an application wich use Google Maps api, on android it works well, on IOS I didn’t taste it yet but I read that ios doesn’t allow you to use google maps api. This is a very big inconvenient.

    Could you tell me please more information? Is this true? is there another option to use google maps on ios ?

    Thank you

  8. For iOS I’m afraid you can’t use Google Maps in AIR. As far as I know Google maps donwloads code that must be executed on the client. This is not supported on iOS as you are not allowed to download code that is executed outside the browser. Try this ESRI map solution instead.


  9. What about MapQuest: http://developer.mapquest.com
    I want something that acts like Google Navigator.

    I have little experience in developing applications for ios using adobe Air and I want to start with the simple solution.
    I want to put some markers on the map and implement a navigator like Google’s Navigator for android.

    So what do you suggest to use: Esri or MapQuest.

    Thank you !

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