Coding for Curious ActionScript 3 Workshop

It is my great pleasure to make some noise for a workshop on ActionScript put together by Fernando Colaco. I first met Fernando at the 2010 gotoAndSki() conference. His passion for beautiful and highly functional UIs and his passion to share and teach others are behind his work on organizing the gotoAndSki() Swiss conference, “Coding for Curious” workshop, and other events.

While “Coding for curious” event is not a free event, I encourage you to take a look at the event page. In his words it is all about:

[…]attendees will build a simple game from scratch in this ONE DAY INTENSIVE WORKSHOP, and will learn several advanced concepts and useful tricks along the way. No previous coding (or even Flash) knowledge needed at all. No scary technical jargon will be used to make things sound complex, because they are not.

ACTIONSCRIPT 3 is the ideal language to learn how to program, specially thanks to how easy it is to use and manipulate images and graphic elements, and adding interactivity. The approach will be in the most accessible way, actually without computers in the first hour, using attendees on stage to explain in a practical way how a program works and “enact” concepts like variables, objects, functions, loops and conditions. Then, it’s hands-on and the pace will progressively get more and more interesting.

Well done Fernando and hope to see you soon :)

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