Airgile – one of the best online project management tools

Last month, João Saleiro of sent me an email about his latest project: Airgile. I logged in using the demo account and looked around. After 10 or 15 minutes of trying various workflows I replied to his email congratulating him and his team for a great job.

So what is Airgile? It is professional online tool for project management. You can:

  • Manage tasks and projects
  • Track and plan projects
  • Collaborate with your team
  • Communicate with your clients
  • Share documents
  • Work remotely

In terms of price and deployment options it offers anything you want: free accounts (it offers a good balance between the features), paid accounts, and deployment on your servers if you want to have complete control over the information.

What about what is under the hood? I talked to João and here are some details if you are curious about how the product works:

  • Backend. They use PHP and MySQL. For client communication they are using Flex remoting with AMFPHP. They use PHPUnit for testing. Also they are able to update the product with a new version without stopping/restarting the machines.
  • Frontend. They used Flex framework 4.5, Swiz, and a home baked framework for data management.
  • What’s next? They are working on integration between Airgile and Eclipse/Flash Builder using Mylyn, SCRUM and Spring planning support, and a mobile version.

Great job João!

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