SourceMate for Flash Builder 4.5

It is always exciting to see how our partners build on top of our ecosystem. This time the excitement is about SourceMate 3.0, which was released recently. This release targets Flash Builder 4.5, and once it’s installed the hardcore developer side of your personality will be delighted with:

  • Code generation (organize imports, generate AsDoc comments, etc)
  • Smart refactoring (change method signature, extract interface/method/constant/variable/parameter/class/superclass, disable all trace statements)
  • Swiz framework support (Swiz project creation wizard, new instance wizard, beans view, bean autocomplete, new bean wizard, events view, event handler autocomplete)
  • Localization support (externalize strings, resource bundle editor, automatic translation, etc).
  • Miscellaneous (todo/fixme/XXX task markers, generate Ant build.xml from project settings, medata tag validation, E4X expression console, etc)

Now go and download the product (you have a 30-day trial ) or see the screencasts to better understand what it’s all about.

8 thoughts on “SourceMate for Flash Builder 4.5

  1. So, we already pay a quite hefty price for Adobe Flash Builder, but Adobe is now recommending me to buy additional plugins for functionality that should be a standard feature set of any IDE (let alone such an expensive one as Flash Builder)…?
    No offense to Sourcemate, but this is ridiculous. Adobe needs to add this functionality to Flash Builder. Your IDE is already seriously lacking compared to for instance IntelliJ.
    Adobe needs to step up its game regarding serious/enterprise development. Most clients for instance want a Maven build instead of an Ant build, but Adobe does nothing: you evangelists always talk about Flexmojos on conferences or at big clients, but Adobe contributes nothing, and as such the Maven integration of Flex is not so good. Now, you also want us to pay for additional plugins for functionality that you should have developed yourselves. For an IDE that I cannot even run on the operating system that’s getting quite popular at clients (Linux). And so on…
    It’s time to get serious and improve all your tooling around Flex.

  2. @bert

    Thank your for your feedback. Rest assured that the Flash Builder team is working hard on features targeted to hardcore developers.

  3. @Mihai

    …for additional price to upgrade to version X.X.X of course…

    I always thought Adobe has more resources then Powerflasher -> makers of FDT… these resources probably go to shareholders -> people that do nothing and live from dividends (remember French Revolution?) :)

  4. @PG

    I can hardly see your point. Are you saying that FDT has every single feature that Flash Builder has and all of the SourceMate 3 features on top of it?

    As I already said, this is the beauty of an open platform (like Eclipse). Others can build on top of existing products. The same thing is true for other IDEs.

  5. @bert

    I forgot to tell you about I encourage you going there and add your request for support for Maven. The product management team is looking at what people ask.

    Thank you!

  6. What I ask is simple: Adobe needs to develop, or help develop good build tools that can be used in a professional setting.
    The situation is now that most enterprise projects want to integrate a Flex build in a Maven build, and therefor they look into using Flexmojos. The only thing is that Adobe did help nothing!! and now the maintainer of that project is getting more and more frustrated with working on it.
    The support for the mobile features (ipa, apk, bar build) will not be open-sourced nor free. And advanced or complicated projects don’t work very well with flexmojos.

    If Adobe only helped that guy a little bit the situation would be totally different.
    If Adobe thinks that it can rely on volunteers to build professional build tools for Flex, you’re wrong.
    You guys give fancy talks at Max about how the architecture of a Flex-Java application should be, and the Maven integration is an integral part of that solution, but by now you frustrated the hell out of the volunteers that worked on that integration, to the point that the development is almost completely stopped.

    The truth is that as of now I have clients asking me a lot about mobile AIR applications, but I cannot build a professional-enterprise development environment around them.
    Something I can do with no problem for native mobile apps…

    Oh, and about the Adobe could start with maintaining a Maven repository for Flex… and that is already one of the highest-voted issues on that site… for a long time… and Adobe did nothing.

    Your ideas site is very nice in theory, but I’d rather see real action.

  7. Hi Bert,

    Please be assured that we review the ideas submitted to the Adobe Ideas site on a regular basis. It does however take time for product ideas to be developed into features that are exposed in our products.

    Regarding Maven, we are investigating how we can enhance Flex SDK and Flash Builder to provide support for those using Maven. I don’t have specific plans that can be shared at this stage, but what I would do is encourage you (and others) to share *specific* requests/issues with us. You can contact me directly at shorten at


    Andrew Shorten
    Group Product Manager, Developer Tools, Adobe

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