CSS Regions Prototype Available Now

Maybe you remember the cool demo we showed at MAX last year: a modified WebKit browser that was capable of dynamically wrapping the text inside or around arbitrary shapes. I’m excited to say that this week we’ve made available the first public preview for this project. You can go to Labs and grab the bits for your operating system (Windows or Mac OS). What you will get is a modified version of the WebKit engine (the same engine used by Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome).

Below you can see some examples of what this feature enables:

So what is this feature exactly? We call it “CSS Regions” and it is Adobe’s proposal to W3C to extend CSS capabilities. Having this feature enabled in browsers will help to create magazines/news papers more easily and with better quality and performance. Adobe is not only working on the proposal specifications together with the W3C but it is also working on an implementation for the WebKit browsers.

You can read this article for more about CSS Regions and don’t forget to go to Labs to grab the bits.

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