Slides and FlashCamp beginner course

Some people asked for the slides and tutorial used at the FlashCamp San Francisco 2011. So here are the slides:

And here is a ZIP file containing the tutorial (a PDF file) used for the beginner course on mobile and the finished projects. There are five exercises in this tutorial:

  • Your first Flex mobile project – this will guide you through the steps to create a Flex mobile project
  • Testing and deploying your project – you will learn how you can test the project on the desktop simulator or, if you have an Android device, how you can run it on the device
  • Persisting the application state and controlling the Action bar
  • Working with external data sources – you will create a simple Twitter client
  • Working with LiveCycle Collaboration Service – this exercise will show you how easily you can create real-time collaborative applications using the  cloud-based service LiveCycle Collaboration Service.

Flex Mobile Bootcamp

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  1. is there any video tutorial for web application with php ?

    I tried the example came with flash builder 4.5 for php but it is not working and giving me error that some gateway.php in public folder is not there

    Kindly help me


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