Custom Hardware + Flash Platform = Great Customer Experience

In today’s crowded consumer market many companies are looking for ways to differentiate their services and thus attract more customers while retaining the existing ones. The application I will talk about in this post is a great example of how you can enhance customer’s buying experience in a market that is highly competitive: the Telecom industry.

But first, watch this video:

The application was created by B-Reel (a Swedish company) for the 3 Telecom provider in Sweden. By using a custom hardware with a Flash application running on top of it, 3 Telecom operators can offer an experience that is very close to in-shop service for customers who are looking to buy a new terminal.

Now, if this is not cool… What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Custom Hardware + Flash Platform = Great Customer Experience

  1. Very cool concept. Great to know they chose flash to build it on. Would like to know more about the technical specifics.

    Thanks for posting that one.

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