Are you building apps for the PlayBook tablet?

I know there are a lot of people from the Flash community who are working on applications for the PlayBook tablet. I’m one of them too :D. And there are many others who are curious about what we are building.

So here I go with a request:

  • if you are in the process of building a PlayBook application, drop a comment saying this and maybe an update once you’ve published the app in the store
  • if your application was already accepted in the store, drop a comment with a link to the app page and maybe some other comments/feedback

Thanks in advance!

20 thoughts on “Are you building apps for the PlayBook tablet?

  1. Hi, everybody seems to be building one ;) My dev just slowed down a bit after the submission deadline was moved again. After some initial issues with installing the blackberry sdk-s (I finally had to install both FB and the SDK-s as Administrator), the process is really nice.

  2. Already have one app approved:

    Still waiting on a second application (actually it was my first but seems to of been forgotten about or possibly looks like it may get rejected since I submitted it in Dec) to be approved and currently working on two more.

    Developing for BlackBerry PlayBook has been reasonable, a few initial teething problems with getting vendor license and plenty of waiting for approval, the SDK is slowly maturing and life is getting easier using AIR for BB, its way much more fun then it was, but lastly I must say AIR development also has a great community supporting it.

    Loving what I’m doing


  3. I’m working on a little game as well. Planning to get it submitted on Friday.

  4. Yep, working on a PlayBook app as well- multiple actually. I’m lucky that the deadline keeps getting extended as my dev time is limited and continues to get interupted.

    Working on an appp to track time with Assembl as well as one for the site

  5. @All

    Great feedback guys and a big thank you!

    I’m still developing mine, so I can’t tell you what it does yet.

  6. How long does the approval process take? I know the site says submit app by 15th, but does it also have to be approved by 15th?

    Got one in the works but only getting nights to work on it after my normal job

    I’m also enjoying using flex mobile, thanks Adobe

  7. Hi Mihai,

    I’m also working on an app for the Playbook. Mine is a mix of a focus and time tracking application and is basically a port of other apps I developed for the iPhone and Android. This version for the Playbook, however, is a complete rewrite using the Flex mobile framework and I plan to update the other two using the same code base (that is if I get around to paying Apple for the developer cert).

  8. Now I can say: yes, I’m developing an app for tablet OS. It’s ready, but I’m waiting for the RIM to confirm my developer registration. Hope to submit my app till 31.03 to get a tablet =)

    My app was build for the Android platform and it was quite easy to port it to Tablet.
    Oh! I’ve just received it, so soon i’ll publish a link to my app.

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