Flash Player 10.2 is out!

Probably you remember last December’s public beta release of the Flash Player 10.2. Today, the final release is out! What’s new? Here is a list of the main new features:

  • Stage Video
  • Multiple display full screen support – you can have Flash Player full screen on one monitor and do some work on another one
  • Custom native mouse support – a new API that enables you to use bitmaps as the source for native cursors – offloading this task from Flash Player to the OS
  • Support for the GPU rendering technology in Microsoft’s upcoming Internet Explorer 9 browser.
  • Enhance text readability through a new sub-pixel text rendering technology

The most important feature is Stage Video. This features accelerates enables the GPU to render the video directly on the display without the overhead incurred previously by reading back from the GPU and rendering with the CPU. This means that depending on your hardware configuration you should see big improvements when watching H.264 1080p, for example. Even on a Mac :). See my article on StageVideo for details on how to use it.

You can download Flash Player 10.2 from here (Windows/Macintosh/Linux including debug version).

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