Android Pictures and MP3 Remote Control Reloaded

Last year, I made two Android applications that connect to desktop apps: AndroidPictures (you can see the phone’s camera roll on a desktop) and Remote Control for desktop MP3 player (you can control an AIR desktop MP3 player from your mobile phone). At that time, Flex “Hero” wasn’t available, so last week I decided to rewrite these apps, this time using the mobile components from Flex “Hero”.

The reason I rewrote them with Flex “Hero” is quite simple: to see if it simpler or more complicated compared to plain Flex. And not surprisingly it is much simpler with Flex “Hero”. Actually I like the Views and ViewNavigator so much, that I’d love to have them available for desktop applications too.

One note on how these apps connect to each other: I used the new Peer 2 Peer capabilities from AIR/Flash Player. This part is extremely simple actually and if you have a look at the source code you’ll find that I wrap this functionality in a library that is used in both projects.

You can download them from here:

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  2. I agree with your comment about View and ViewNavigator. A Big step for Flex 4 was new concept of states. it brought much more flexibility but with Views we get a new type of “states”. It’s easier to separate application pieces and states can be used just for components.

  3. Great work Mihai… I was looking for something similar. Can you please post source code in .as files coz I can’t open the .fxp file, Flash Catalyst doesn’t open the file, it says it was created by incompatible version of Flash Catalyst…

    Please post the source code in simple .as files….

  4. @James you have to use Flash Builder Burrito to import the FXP files (Import > Flash Builder).

  5. Great work Mihai, can i ask you?i have a problems, can i embed arabic font in AIR for Android?
    i have try but its not working, can you please give me a example.


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